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CDS, health care startup win federal award to develop care coordination app

February 28, 2019

The CDS-administered Family Support and Healthcare Alliance Delaware (Family SHADE), in partnership with the Newark, Del.-based entrepreneurs who created health care app Danio Diary, won a federal award last month for innovation in care coordination. Family SHADE proposed adapting Danio Diary, which links care providers, clients and family members, to support children with special health care needs and their families.

DE Health Info Network, Danio Diary partner on widening available information in secure setting

May 15, 2019

DELAWARE BUSINESS NOW> Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) and Newark-based Danio Diary, will partner on care coordination and communication initiatives to help improve healthcare outcomes for Delawareans. DHIN provides an electronic network through which hospitals, physicians, laboratories and other clinical entities quickly and securely exchange clinical results and reports.

Danio is a pioneer in the efforts to create a trusted care network that supplements efforts to coordinate medical records with perspectives from less formal sources (i.e. patient logs, self-reported content, etc.).

The Danio platform, with a high degree of security, provides a more complete picture of patient well-being so that treatments can be optimized and changing conditions can be addressed quickly, the release stated.


“This collaboration is a natural progression for us,” said DHIN Chief Operating Officer Randy Farmer. “Both organizations offer patients and their families 21stcentury tools to help better navigate a challenging healthcare system. The potential of deeper collaboration to build an integration of our two patient-centered platforms should provide for an even more powerful care management experience.”

“A partnership with DHIN is a natural outgrowth of our efforts to develop a technology that coordinates care among all those who have a vested interest in a patient’s outcome,” said Danio Managing Partner Anthony Wright. “We couldn’t be happier that we will be working together to raise awareness of the importance of coordinating care. Danio was developed to save lives. Working with DHIN makes our efforts even more effective.”


The next steps will include connecting Delaware residents with their own health history through DHIN’s free personal health record, Health Check Connect, as well as creating and maintaining a trusted care network using the Danio platform, the release stated.

Delaware Business Times Round Table and Danio Diary

April 29, 2019

Danio Diary's John Hedberg talks about healthcare innovation. 

GLBG Director of Technology, Gabe Humphreys Speaks at Tech Talks

May 30, 2018

Technology Forum of Delaware took a broad look at technology and its implications at its Tech Talks session Wednesday night.


Speakers were:

Rod Wallace, president, Design Economics


Wallace discussed the disconnect between technology and taking care of people. He cited the example of a patient and disastrous visit to the emergency room and hospital. The patient recovered, but relatives complained about her treatment.

John Williams, president, Williams Law Firm, Wilmington


Williams discussed a start-up business that planned to use blockchain technology to work through documents in forming limited liability companies. The concept did not work out and he moved on to other areas.


Williams is also President of Agents and Corporations, Inc., an e-commerce incorporation service, serving as Delaware registered agent for 16,000 entities, including Pinterest.

He also is the inventor of a US patent application for a “System and Method for Processing and Dynamically Segregating Business Assets”


Gabriel Humphreys, Director of Technology at Danio Diary, Wilmington

Humphrey’s discussed the growth of ambient intelligence that uses information from devices such as smartphones, Fitbitsand thermostats. Humphreys called for companies, such as Google and Apple to not develop silos that gather informationbut instead work together.

Danio has developed a heath care diary for patients


Sylvester Mobley founder/CEO of Coded by Kids.

Coded by Kids is an organization that aims to increase technology education opportunities for children of color and children who come from underserved community. Coded by Kids operates programs in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Mobley, whose technology career came by accident when joining the Air Force Reserve after serving in the U.S, Marines, said the goal of Coded by Kids is to allow all children to be exposed to technology education.


Patrick Callahan, founder & CEO, CompassRed, Wilmington

CompassRed is a data and analytics agency established with the vision that insights into data transform how organizations operate both internally and externally.

CompassRed supports clients in building data-driven strategies. Clients include Delaware County-based Wawa.


The company has offices in Wilmington, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Callahan is a long-time entrepreneur and was a founder of the Archer Group, a Wilmington marketing communications firm.

The Technology Forum of Delaware holds monthly education and networking sessions for people with an interest in tech.

Danio Diary Changing The Power Of Communication

October 18, 2017 Delaware talks about the power of communication and how Danio Diary is raising the game. 

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