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Danio Diary Features

Send Photos and Video

Send and receive pictures and up to 30 second video messages in app with loved ones and care providers. 

Physical & Emotional Updates

Fast and easy health and wellness tracking. Show how you are feeling physically and emotionally with symbols.

Text Messaging

The text feature can help keep doctors, therapists and caregivers informed of daily wellness updates which can be important information that is sometimes missed during appointments. Type or talk-to-text.


Make important decisions, gather opinions, ideas or advice by using Danio Diary's polling feature. Scheduling can be made easier and answers to even simple questions can be gathered easily.

Log Medications

Always have your prescription and OTC medications at your fingertips when you need them. Easy look up.

Record Conditions

Keep a list and describe conditions or diagnoses so you  can share with doctors or therapists or caregivers.

Invite Followers

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Invite as little or as many followers to be a part of your Danio Diary Care Network. Updates can be delivered to all, some or none of your followers. 

Low Bandwidth Friendly

Basic functionality of the application can be used in the most challenging connectivity environments. Provides support to rural areas and those who do not have WiFi.

How Danio Diary Is Helping During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Danio Diary Helps Connect Families And Senior Residents While In Lockdown

COVID-19  has caused many senior communities to go into a state of lockdown in order to keep residents safe. The Danio Diary app technology is a bridge between senior residents and their family members. Families can receive updates on their loved ones, giving them peace of mind even during periods when visits are limited or not allowed. Health and wellness information is completely HIPAA secure due to the use of the 9-digit code which is unique to each "Danio" account. Information is delivered to family members, caregivers, physicians, etc. who are invited to become a "follower" of each Danio account. The Danio Diary app keeps family members and caregivers feeling assured and gives peace of mind during these trying times. 

Download Danio Diary for FREE today!

Care Network

Danio Diary Videos

The Danio Diary app is easy to use and keeps the people in your network informed and connected.


Sign up today and begin to discover the variety of
benefits that will help you manage care.

Originally designed for hospital patients and nursing home residents,
Danio Diary has now grown to incorporate any individual in a care environment.

In-home care

Special needs organizations

Business and Life Coaching



Clinical Research

Training, Fitness & Athletics Organizations

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Day Care


Non-profit organizations

Addiction Treatment Centers


Rehabilitation Centers

By The Numbers


The average number of hours family caregivers spend caring for their loved ones
per week  


Percentage of family caregivers who say they need help communicating with physicians.


Percentage of family caregivers who are caring for a parent


Percentage of caregivers who state that they could use more information or need help with caregiving topics.

Source: (AARP)



Danio Diary is a FREE app and website which allows individuals to record and track the health and well-being of themselves and/or loved ones in order to securely share pertinent information with a trusted care network in real time.  The Care Network can include any trusted individual of your choosing such as physicians, caregivers, family and friends who support you.  The system is easy to use and flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways, including tracking the progress of health events with friends and family, updating family about the status of a loved one, tracking the progress of your health or treatment plan, noting adverse effects from medications, etc. 

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us and is maintained by assigning each user an 8-digit alphanumeric code (known as a danio).  All data and transmissions are secured with military grade encryption.  Designed by programmers with experience in large-scale financial transactions, this combination of anonymization and encryption provides an extraordinarily high level of security.


Your health and well-being occurs during the time between doctor visits, now there is a way to track and report that information with your care network.


Danio Diary can be used on both Apple and Android devices and is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Danio Pro allows organizations to set up and manage Danios for the purpose of engaging and communicating with their followers (employees, patients, clients, constituents, and their Care Networks).  Information can be shared about business events, notices, changes in procedures, etc.  Updates can be standardized and controlled based on levels of staff authorization.

Care providers can ensure proper continuity of care as individuals move one to another care environment (e.g., a loved one moving from senior living to the hospital).  Organizations can also poll their followers for questions to improve operations and follower engagement.  Anonymous follower Information can be aggregated and analyzed in order to improve follower experience and business operations.

“Since we have been using Danio, our family is able to access my mom’s medical records, reports and test results in real-time! Danio keeps the docs and family all 'on the same page' when it comes to my Mom’s health care​.”



Jane S., Wilmington, DE


"I think Danio [Diary] is revolutionizing the industry, and since it's free for families, I use it to follow our NCC Chamber group and MAPS group diaries, plus have my own! There is no risk, only reward, for downloading and trying this amazing app!"

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